COXN | Accountax Solutions
COXN is a business solutions company focusing on providing consulting and advisory to: 1. Freelancers & Independent Contractors*: 1 full-time member, 2. Entrepreneurs: up to 5 full-time members, and 3. Very Small Businesses: up to 15 full-time members. *Wave ProAdvisor service is being provided as a part of our Financial Information Records Management (FIRM™), described in line 8 and line 11, to provide accounting & tax tasks automation and their computerized records management. SOLUTIONS 4. Business Identity - corporate registration filing, trade names and marks, and registered agency. 5. Web Hosting - domain name, web hosting, and WordPress hosting. 6. Process Optimization - work-flow development and automation via software curating. 7. Software - curate, setup, and maintain software portfolio for customized MIS/ERP. 8. Financial Information and Process - process optimization and software curating for Accounting and Tax information management system. SERVICES 9. Agency - business identity management including business registrations, trade (fictitious) names & trade marks, correspondence, and business identity anti-theft assistance, and tax filing. 10. Advisory - business administrations strategy directives including vision detailing and policy recommendations. 11. Consulting - process optimization for enhanced work-flow efficiency, managerial (cost) and tax accounting, and software curating for task automation.
Services offered