Calmwaters Business Consulting
Bookkeeping may seem pretty dry but this is what makes your business tick, and how well transactions are recorded, followed up on and reconciled are the tally for the health of your operation. The final results of good, solid book keeping and accounting are the measure of your success. So let’s make sure it’s done in an organized, professional way using great HASS and best practices. If you are already in business or just starting up you probably know what services accounting professionals provide (If you don’t know we can fill you in), but here’s a quick sampling. Payroll including Source Deduction Filing Invoicing and Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Class Tracking & Job Costing HST and Sales Tax Filing Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation Reporting For All Levels of Accounting Year End Prep and Accountant Referrals for Year End Filings The bottom line(get it) is we provide all services related to book keeping and work with accountants for your corporate filings and super CA geek-speeky needs. We adhere to GAAP and think all business must have organized, intelligent financial records to run a successful business. HASS Hardware- Apps – Software – (Operating) Systems YOUR SUCCESS IS THE MEASURE OF OUR SUCCESS.
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